Breakfast for Dinner | Bacon, Egg & Cheese Eggo Sandwich Live

See how to make this bacon, egg and cheese Eggo sandwich in this live stream. Everyone love breakfast for dinner. This recipe is perfect for a quick and easy dinner.

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  1. Who doesn’t love breakfast for dinner? I do have to say that since I bought a Belgian waffle iron, I don’t do Eggos anymore, but they are certainly convenient!

  2. I’m leaving separate comments because they’re about separate things. I also make waffle sandwiches with Polaner’s apricot preserves, cream cheese and cinnamon. I actually got the idea one day when I was going to make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, but realized I didn’t have peanut butter. So I decided to use cream cheese instead. Then I randomly got the idea to put it on waffles instead of bread. I wish I would’ve thought of it when I was a kid; I would’ve taken this to school to eat for lunch.

  3. When I make my sandwiches, I use turkey bacon which is pretty bland, so I always put a brown sugar glaze on it. I wouldn’t recommend it for regular bacon because it’s greasier so you need paper towels on top, and the sugar makes it burn way to easily. But it works for the turkey bacon because it’s not so greasy so you don’t need to put paper towels on top of it. Just sprinkle a few pinches of brown sugar on the bacon before you microwave it. ( doesn’t matter if it’s light or dark) And of course, don’t put paper towels on it because they’ll stick to the sugar. As it cooks, it will melt to hard crack stage and form a candy glaze. It will taste like a glazed ham. Just watch it VERY carefully because the sugar will burn to a crisp very quickly if you cook it to long and turkey bacon burns easily anyway.

  4. I make waffle sandwiches like this all the time. When I do it, I cook the egg in the microwave. It’s really easy and fast. I whip up the egg with a fork in a small ceramic bowl or usually a soup cup and microwave for 40-60 seconds. This method is perfect for sandwiches because the egg comes out easily and in a perfect circle. A lot of people will tell you to add something like a little water or vinegar to the egg, but I don’t add anything. I think that would make it taste gross and is probably the reason some people don’t like microwaved eggs. The size and thickness of the egg determines how long it takes. Grocery store eggs take about 40 seconds. Ones from my chickens take 1 minute because they’re bigger and thicker. Watch and be ready to stop the microwave if they pop and jump out of the cup. A word of warning though – If you do this, wash the bowl or cup immediately after removing the egg or it will be very difficult to clean later on.

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