Braised Red Cabbage Recipe – Sweet & Sour Braised Red Cabbage Side Dish

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  1. Colour nerd here… I would say that the colour is somewhere between mauve (mauvine, aniline violet, Perkin’s violet) and burgundy or maroon. It is not as blue as mauve, but it is at the same time more blue than burgundy.

  2. This channel has amazing food, amazing recipes, but it does sort of seem like a fast-track to heart disease and obesity. “A little bit of sugar” – that was like a 1/4 of a cup? and cooked in butter. Looks amazing, but damn, it sure can’t be too healthy at this point.

  3. I’ve had this at the Hofbrauhaus in Newport Kentucky. It comes with the schmankerlplatte.
    (Oh, I’m hungry now.) I love everyone’s suggestions on how to cook this. I will definitely try it.

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