Hey what up fam!

Just hitting you all with another plant based vegan lifestyle blog from my perspective. I am thankful for all the love on my IG and now I am really pushing this new medium to reach you all. I am excited for the LSOS FEB challenge that begins tomorrow!!!

You all ready for change??? I damn sure am!
Lets do this together, man your going to wish you did!

LSOS Challenge Rules:
Challenge running 2/1-2/28 2017

-LOW amounts of salt, oil, and sugar added into your foods
-Goal of 70 % Carbs / 15% protein / 15% fats approximately (use cronometer or another free app to track)
-Eat food in their whole food state (fruits, veggies, starches)
-Avoid processed foods that are high in fat and chemicals
-Drink lots of water, I am aiming for 10 cup min cause I am breastfeeding my kids.
-Move your body 30 minutes per day

We will be talking more on this but these are the ground rules.
Don’t forget to take your biometrics (weight, measurements) and check in with me on my weekly posts or on IG also.

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  1. This is a great page! I am Afro-Puerto Rican/Afro-Colombian and African-American. When I first went vegan… I lamented the fact that I would miss some of my favorite Latin foods. It was great to see sources like yours.

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