Birds in a Nest is an extremely quick, and easy recipe to make, which will provide a healthy nutritious meal as well. Also known by many as “eggs in a basket”.


  1. Hahaha! Yes, I know… not a very class move huh? What can I say, it was just a small bread crumb from the process, and I was only serving this to myself at the time. Had it been served to anyone else… I absolutely would have gone with a different glass. I wondered when someone was going to comment on that… LOL! Thanks for watching/commenting, and I hope you enjoyed the recipe as much as my “made at home” cooking style/technique.

  2. Thank you for the nice comment! I truly appreciate them, as them come so far and few between… LOL! This is one of my favorite recipes that I’ve doen so far, and it appears to be pretty popular with other viewers as well. Thanks again for commenting/viewing, and also for subscribing to my channel too!

  3. Sounds like an interesting spin of this recipe! I may have to try that one myself sometime! I’m glad this video brought you to a place that held some fond memories for you, and I’m also glad you watched/commented as well! Feel free to subscribe to the channel, as I’ll soon be adding more videos to share.

  4. My mom used to make these for me as a kid. BUT she’d “French Toast” the bread and pour the egg in the middle and I’d always put maple syrup on it. Freakin’ Amazing. Brings back memories. Think il make this tomorow 🙂

  5. Thanks for the visit, and comment! Glad to have brought you back home to a “mom made this” memory. Hoping to post more future old time recipes down the road. Hope you subscribe to see those too!

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