Bethenny Frankel Healthy Brown Rice Breakfast Recipe

Celebrity Natural Foods Chef Bethenny Frankel teaches you how to make healthy quick and easy breakfasts. This Brown Rice Breakfast recipe is featured in Bethenny’s NYT best seller Naturally Thin. Perfect for any diet. A favorite on The Real Housewives of NYC, Bethenny Frankel made this dish every day while appearing on Martha Stewart’s Apprentice for herself and her cast mates.

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  1. Fricken retarded people, Soy Milk is not good for you, its been scientifically proven that all Soy products are actually bad for your body. Do some good research for a change.

  2. I thought you weren’t supposed to keep brown rice in the refrigerator for more than a day because of the bacteria it carries even through cooking? I’ve only read that online, but I’ve seen it on several sites warning about leftovers when it comes to brown rice.

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