Best Vegan Protein Shake EVER! Orgain Protein | Michelle Meyer

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  1. Meech! I’m so excited your going to start posting stuff about nutrition! I’ve recently been trying to live a healthier lifestyle after back surgery last year. Recipes for good tasting healthy foods would be awesome! What about workouts do you go to a gym or have you used workout videos?

  2. Great video! I love how you’re not fake and you don’t edit all of your mistakes out unlike other YouTubers. In my opinion I think it makes the video very funny 😂

  3. I’ve read slop isn’t vegan. Would they let a contest have it without the whey or milk? Do they have almond milk in the house? I would really appreciate a reply! Thanks in advance!

  4. Michelle i know you probably wont read this but you should do a video on what it was like to actually like to live in the house! Like the voice talking to you, lock-ins, how the competitions worked, and behind the scenes stuff that happened that we don’t see like where you all go for competitions that take place in the house (haunted house challenge) I know a lot of people would be interested to hear what it is really like day to day! Reply if you see this!! Thank you

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