Best Vegan Jambalaya: Collab w/ FlyVegan | Vegan Recipe #141

For the full recipe, check out FlyVegan’s original video tutorial at

Make sure to check out her channel:

I was so excited to collab with FlyVegan on this recipe swap! Her recipe for vegan jambalaya is bomb! You definitely need to check it out and make it ASAP!

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  1. Normally, can’t with cats in the kitchen, but your cat looks like he realized he was in the shot and left hahaha. So cute! also, this looks the most like jambalaya in vegan form that I’ve seen online. Someone put chickpeas and I was upset LOLOL.

  2. I just loved it when the cat jumped up on the counter in the background. (Chuckle!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) Cats are my babies; I love them so much!! By the way, great video!! ~ 🙂

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