Best of Jennifer SECOND EDITION 1 of 5

More Jennifer by popular demand!! I cut some clips of Jennifer Paterson being, well, “Jennifer” from episodes 1 – 10 of the Two Fat Ladies cooking show. I got such rave reviews, I have cut more clips!. Here is the second installment 1 of 5. These clips are from episode 11 (Breafast), episode 12 (Dinner), Episode 13 (Christmas Dinner), and episode (Benedictine Nuns). If you wish to see the first installment, follow this link:


  1. I’m amazed you left out the bit when Jennifer cooked coq au vin and talked about how it was tradition to use “an old cock!” And Clarissa adds “a lot of good in an old cock.” Perhaps there’s still material for a third instalment of this fantastic series.

  2. just listened to the sad news Clarissa has passed too
    I can imagin them in heaven meeting up and having a huge party
    I hope they both find peace together RIP dear ladies

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