BEST OATMEAL RECIPE: Oatmeal For Breakfast – Weight Loss Tips To Lose Weight Fast

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In this video I talk about eating oatmeal for breakfast, and what is the best oatmeal recipe if you want to lower your cholesterol. Sure oatmeal isn’t sexy, but neither is high cholesterol and heart disease. This oatmeal recipe I came up with is healthy, flavorful, filling, and keeps your cholesterol in check.

My goal is to share my weight loss tips with you so that you can lose weight FAST … and keep it off permanently! I personally lost 50lbs in 8 weeks and have maintained the weight loss for over 7 years … and I would love for you to have the same results! Try my methods and see how fast and easy you lose weight. Let me know how your results turn out and feel free to ask me your questions in the comments section below!

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  1. Dude, I’m going to give a little TMI. Ever since I’ve been eating oatmeal for breakfast, it has really been working me! What a cool benefit! Everyone should eat oatmeal hooked up for breakfast.

  2. Good morning Alek!
    I ate a big serving of oatmeal yesterday for the first time and I didn’t want food until around 12:30! It really fills you up, are we able too eat it twice a day like at lunch as well?
    Also you are right, fasting is easier at night.

  3. I understand the medication thing. I quit the blood pressure med I was on which was killing my body and I’ve gotten under control on my own.

  4. Same here, I love oatmeal in the morning and truly look forward to eating it daily. I usually put natural peanut butter, stevia and coconut oil in mine. Creamy texture with healthy fats. yum. I will definitely try it with nuts and seeds now that you’ve mentioned it. thanks!

  5. Thanks for responding. I like the idea of getting on a regular routine and not figuring out what yo eat for breakfast. That makes it easier and less to worry about and I don’t want to take any meds either.

  6. I’m going to try your oatmeal recipe. This seems like it will keep you full and my cholesterol is kind of hard too but I am not a big fan of stevia so I will just put just a little bit of sugar in mine but not that much.

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