Best Mussels Marinara Recipe

The Bald Chef shows you how to make Italian Mussels Marinara Recipe. If you are a seafood lover and you love Mussels. Then this Best Italian Mussels Marinara with Pasta might be for you.For more cooking information on this Mussels Marinara recipe see I will show you step-by-step how to make this recipe straight out of Italy. I start by using organic Rhode Island mussels that I thoroughly wash and clean. These Muscles are steamed in a broth of Butter, White Wine, and crushed Garlic. I cook fresh egg linguine al dente, and drain the water to create the perfect plate of pasta. After the Mussels have opened up I top them with the best Italian Marinara Sauce. This seafood sauce is been crowned over fresh linguine pasta. The final results are a restaurant quality mussels marinara that you would be proud to serve at any dinner party, are to your family. This is a very easy Italian recipe to put together and in my personal opinion I truly think you would enjoy it.


  1. so I tried this recipe twice…the first time…it was the best muscles marinara I’ve ever had! The 2nd time, it was too watery… Any suggestions? Don’t remember if I used slightly less water/wine the first time, if I poured out some liquid after the muscles opened and released the water they were holding, or if I reduced it, which I don’t believe I did.

  2. I did not mean to be rude 😀 In my experience when the mussels or clams for that matter open up they are done. They should be removed from the heat quickly, any more cooking just makes them tough. My $.02

  3. What are your thoughts on cooking the mussels in the marinara sauce as opposed to finishing with it? Maybe it would be best to dilute it a bit with water to get the steam you need?

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