Best Homemade Hot Chocolate Recipe

How to make homemade hot chocolate in just 10 minutes. Get the recipe from:

Hey Foodies,

Are you ready for Santa this Christmas?

As for me, I’ve been a good girl this year so he’d better come loaded with gifts, or else… 🙂

And to show him what a good girl I was (and still am), I am going to wait for him with a big cup of my best homemade hot chocolate.

Hear that, Santa?

There’s a mug with creamy hot chocolate waiting for you under my tree. So be sure to check off my Christmas list, ok?!

You know those Louis Vuitton bags, new SUV and the penthouse that I always dreamed about, right?!

Make sure you check those off of my list and in return you are going to get the best hot chocolate ever.

Sounds like a good deal doesn’t it?
Now that I’ve told Santa what I am expecting of him (which is not much at all, right?), I need to tell you a little secret.

You too can make this easy hot chocolate recipe in just 10 minutes.

This way, you too can ‘bribe’ Santa to check off your Christmas list.

How great does that sound?

Just head over to my website, grab the recipe and learn how to make homemade hot chocolate.

This way you’re setting yourself up for the best Christmas ever.

Merry Christmas Everybody

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