Best Chicken Lasagna Recipe

For detailed information on how to make this Best Italian Chicken Lasagna check this link to view the entire recipe This is one of the best Chicken Lasagna recipes I have seen. This Chicken Lasagna uses Chicken, Baby Bella Mushrooms in a Béchamel Sauce. The Bald Chef shows step by step how to make and bake this excellent Italian recipe. This is a great recipe for a dinner party and you will receive rave reviews from your guests.


  1. That’s very delicious! I’m someday gonna make this delicious Chicken Lasagna. I don’t know about the wine part due to Alcohol, but I could use the Alfredo Sauce and the Pesto Sauce (Olive Oil, Garlic and Basil), or I can make it your way. 🙂 Either way will work. 🙂

  2. I tried it today without the wineand it was really delicious! For the half and half I mixed high fat milk with 30% fat cream and it worked really well! I also used chicken breasts instead of thighs. It was really delicious and the flavors blended in together really well. Just like how you use the pasta in the broth you make. The pasta was really tasty and had this really nice chicken flavor to it. All in all it really surprised me how good it tasted. Specially the sauce is class! I added only a littl bit of pesto but the taste and smell just spread all over the sauce like a virus! Thank you for this recipe, I’ll be checking out your other videos, being this was my first!

  3. If you are looking to cook traditional Italian lasagna and a whole different way this chicken lasagna really is an outstanding recipe. I believe it is healthier, and on some levels tastier than traditional tomato-based Italian lasagna. This recipe is not hard to make ,and this video shows the preparation of the lasagna, all the ingredients you will need, and baking time for the lasagna itself. If you’re looking for something new and different for dinner tonight try the bald chef’s chicken lasagna recipe.

  4. Can I tell something you are the best cheif. As a ten year old girl I tried to make the chicken lasagna and it came perfectly. Thanks for posting this video. I will surely subscribe

  5. Bald Chef, I don’t know how I missed this video earlier but I’m glad I found it now. I use basil pesto in all sorts of foods, and it’s encouraging to see others using it too. I also like that roux you made, and the sauce is correspondingly obviously rich and creamy! The finished dish looks out of this world! Great job!

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