Best Breakfast Sandwich WE’VE EVER TASTED! + Exploring Venice Beach, CA

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  1. Yay, one of my fave places in the world (SoCal in general, not only Venice Beach)!
    The last two times we’ve been to Venice, we stayed in really nice Airbnbs, too, perfect for exploring on foot, and one of them only steps from the beach. One was the lower part of an older family home near the beach, the other one a cute converted garage in a kind of fairy-tale veggie patch garden behind our host’s home. Both definitely on our “want to stay there again”-list…

  2. I love a good breakfast sandwich. My favorite so far was one we had a Denver Biscuit Company in Denver. Will have to give this one in Venice a try when I travel there one day.

  3. Nice chilling video thank you, sorry about the go pro, bought another shirt to help you guys, next time though good to tie a small soda bottle to any equipment when you in the water, that’s if USA has small ones, we have done this when the kids use ours on holiday, looks a dish daft but save looking it, btw Russell brand is an idiot keep away, he’s not liked over here that’s why he’s over there, THANKS again for the nice video

  4. I totally want to visit there!! I was just in NOLA and saw Cochon Butcher, but due to time and circumstance ended up trying boudin elsewhere. SOO GOOD!! Thanks for the heads-up! 🎉

  5. Next time you’re in NYC, you need to try Daily Provisions. They have an amazing B.E.C. As they’re known as over there. It’s tops on the zaggat rating and it has Berkshire Bacon with your choice of Cheddar, Provolone or Gouda.

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