Best Breakfast for PCOS – Power Smoothie

Amy Medling, of PCOS Diva, shows you how easy it is to make a smoothie, which is purpose built for women with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome. Start your day or PCOS diet off right with power protein powder, power greens, and fiber smoothie. Amy discusses what smoothie ingredients are best for women with PCOS.

See my smoothie recipes here:

The Best Breakfast for PCOS: The Power Smoothie


  1. Are the plastic containers bpa free? Plastic chemicals interfere with hormones, not just bpa, but I like to limit where I can. I’d prefer Different type of packing but obviously plastic is the cheapest and most travel friendly way of storing products. Wish we could change that in our world. Just want to make sure it’s at least bpa free so my powders are not being tainted with unnecessary chemicals.

  2. I’m a happy vegan, follow Freelee’s Raw till 4 lifestyle.. I had PCOS for 15 years, now one year later on this lifestyle I no longer have PCOS, and I don’t use any medication 🙂 For inspiration and saving our world, watch Cowspiracy, Earthlings, Forks over Knives and many more 🙂 This is bigger than our egoes and addictions, if we want to stay here on our mother earth 🙂

  3. I just came across your site when hearing your podcast on fertility Friday. My jaw dropped when I heard you say your ingredient list on the protein powder! I am so excited to try it!

  4. Thanks for sharing this recipe can’t wait to try it. I was wondering, do you have any recommendations on what to add/ prepare a matcha tea smoothie drink?

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