Basic Bread Stuffing How-To | Thanksgiving Recipes | Martha Stewart

Martha Stewart and Sarah Carey create a basic bread stuffing and add in different mixes, like apples, cherries, and rosemary, for custom variations.

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Basic Bread Stuffing How-To⎢Martha Stewart


  1. I love you Martha! I was first introduced to you in 5th grade my teacher would play your morning show while we did crafts. I always go to you for the standard best recipe.

  2. Sarah’s constant laud shrieking voice is annoying! Bad idea to have both together in this video. I prefer Martha’s soft comforting voice. Can’t stand Sarah at all! Awful!

  3. I never dry, or toast my bread,.and never use egg,.thats gross,.And my dressing turns out great,.its a favour to most of my family,.I just don’t use that much liquids,Believe me its not soggy,!!.like she says.

  4. I like to make croutons from bread and toast them before using them to make the stuffing.  It works if your bread is too fresh, but it works if it’s old as well.

  5. +Kajmere TDot…. agreed.  I know you posted a long time ago, but I just now saw this, looking for a dressing recipe.  Glad to know I’m not the only one who thinks that.   I thought I was just being critical!

  6. ok great – BUT! they never showed how to use the stuffing once it was prepared! were we meant to just serve in that baking dish? or is that meant to actually be inserted into the bird? help!

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