BAKED PASTA in Microwave Oven | DELICIOUS Pasta recipe | Italian Food

Pasta is a very famous and delicious Italian food all over the world. Different kinds of pasta with different cooking methods are there but today I have tried to show you how to make “Baked Pasta” in a very easy and fast way. Good pasta, chicken (one can use tuna fish, sausages or bacon instead of chicken), tomato puree, the flavor of garlic and lots of cheese give these dish an absolutely perfect texture as well as mouth-watering taste. In my opinion, it’s a perfect dish for a candlelight dinner with your beloved one.
I hope you will enjoy this recipe, so please try it and let me know your comments.
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1. Pasta
2. Chicken
3. Garlic
4. Onion
5. Carrot
6. Parsley
7. Salt
8. Paprika powder
9. Tomato puree (To make this puree just boil few tomatoes with onion and garlic about 10 minutes. After that make it cool, remove the skin of tomatoes and scrape out the seed and watery pulp then with the boiled onion and garlic, salt, sugar and little bit of olive oil, blend it well. Your homemade tomato puree is ready to use)
10. Honey or sugar
11. White oil
12. Mozzarella cheese
13. Mushroom
14. Lemon juice
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