Bake with Anna Olson – Biscotti Recipes – Season 2 – Episode 4

Bake with Anna Olson biscotti recipes:
– Classic Cranberry Almond Biscotti – 0:45
– Chocolate Pistachio Cantucci – 6:50
– Biscotti Ricotta Cheesecake – 13:22
– Espresso Chocolate Sauce – 19:00
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  1. Anna, do your research, I heard you say “biscotti” means “twice baked”. No, it doesn’t mean twice baked, it means “cookies” biscotti means “cookies”, check google translate italian-english. Baking them twice is just part of the technique but biscotti does not mean twice baked. It simply means cookies.

  2. So, who blocks the video?…do you block it or does Canada block your video?…because of all the 20 videos available only one is not blocked…that’s unfortunate because I have always loved your show. I did however looked around and found that it was this particular set that is not all available…yeah!!

  3. Hi Anna. I´m Jair I´ m in Brazil and I´ve just made biscotti. I find your recepies easy to follow and well explained…you are great! Thanks.

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