Armenian Cooking with Shake Balekjian – Dolma, part 1

Shake Balekjian prepares the dinner entree dolma, vegetables stuffed with meat, bulghour wheat and vegetables (part 1 of 2)


  1. this is so cute 🙂 you will treasure these video’s .. all my recipes got stolen and my grandma is no longer able to remember – i am armenian – so thankful for u tube and these recipes! blessings –

  2. my mom and grandma are from turkey and I love your cooking. I was visiting my mom yesterday and she made a big pot of stuffed cousa squash and grape leaves

  3. hope to see more of her recipes… She’s so witty. I find joy watching her cook. I’m probably missing my grandma. keep it up. hope to cook your version of dolma. i’ve tasted Iraqi Dolma and it’s delicious.

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