Apple Hand Pies – Apple Turnovers Recipe – How to Make Hand Pies

Learn how to make Apple Hand Pies! Go to for the ingredient amounts, more information, and many, many more video recipes! I hope you enjoy this Apple Turnovers Recipe!


  1. Excellent I wanted to make these, but didn’t want the “fried” version. Thank you for sharing this! Have a fruit bowl full of Granny Smith apples and come tomorrow, they will no longer be in the fruit bowl!

  2. oh… !!! I have all ingredients .. in my house.. right now…… I could make these.. today !! 😀 ( and I already make a killer pie crust so… done and done ! ) Thank you for this delightful and entertaining yet totally informational video … !! : )

  3. There was another video similar to this about how to make apple fritters, and that one also has the same method in the beginning with cooking cubed apples in butter. To say the truth, that can actually be the most basic professional way to start preparing to make an apple pie. Now that I’ve watched this tutorial, I think it’s clear that you can learn how to cook very well from this channel, because the instructions aren’t complicated or vague at all.

  4. It’s funny how every time I search for food, you videos pop up. And they are usually the ones I end up making. It’s a mystery 😀

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