Almond Pancakes Recipe – Easy, Low Carb & Paleo

Almond Pancakes Recipe – Easy, Low Carb & Paleo – Get your copy of my Gluten Free Pancakes eBook – – how to make almond meal and almond flour pancakes, easy healthy pancake recipe.
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  1. On Dr. Eric Berg’s page I saw a very similar recipe but instead of milk being added, he added buttermilk. I think the buttermilk has more fat and would give the batter a thicker feel. Also, he let the mixture stand for a minute or two to absorb the excess liquid and his recipe was a smaller batch recipe more for just for one person.

  2. These were delicious my first time making almond flour pancakes! I didn’t taste any grainy are gritty.They were absolutely delicious it took less than five minutes to whisk everything and five minutes more to make! going forward these will be my pancakes I make for my husband and myself thank you👍🏽

  3. Does the almond meal have to be blanched? Can I use egg whites instead of full eggs? Instead of milk, can I use almond milk?

    I’d like to make almond pancakes for my mother, who can’t have milk or egg yolks. I’d be using the almond meal left over from making almond milk, so it would not be blanched. I tried doing it with egg whites and water instead of full eggs and milk, but the ingredients separated in the pan and instead of becoming pancakes, everything crumbled. I’m out of almond meal for the time being, so I can’t test it further for myself just yet.

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