A festive menu with Chef Neil Perry

Chef and Qantas Creative Director – Food, Beverage & Service, Neil Perry shares a very special Christmas menu that he enjoys with his nearest and dearest every year at his Sydney restaurant Rockpool Bar & Grill.

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  1. I flew qantas on christmas day and i was served a pie with mushy pastry, bad meet, non flaky puff pastry and fucking old dry Mash potatoes.
    I used to go on and regardless of time i would get something like a nice serving of Pasta or curry or snacks or a good pie with good sides, genorus servings but now i hate it. I also don’t like the New A330-200 Product i rather the 737 seating and IFE.
    I feel as if Qantas is trying to Cut costs and i am concidering Giving Virgin a go. I have a qantas flight in 13 days on a 717 & a 737 and i havn’t been on a Qantas 737-800 in almost a year! Im excited but i got a 5.5 hour flight on the 737 and if there are no TVs on the back of the seats…
    Then…. *Deep breath* , *Sigh*

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