800 Calorie Healthy Breakfast / Desayuno Saludable de 800 Caloras

Today I will be showing you how to cook and eat high calorie meal. Get full Healthy Breakfast recipe here: http://fitmencook.com/healthy-breakfast-hash/

Breakfast hash is one of my favorite meals because of its versatility and the variety it lends your diet.

The following is a high calorie meal that is geared toward those following a higher fat diet for endurance, weight loss or weight gain.  

You can easily tweak the ingredients to make it more or less hearty, while still maintaining a common high fat meal ratio of 60% fat, 20% protein and 20% carbohydrates.

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  1. How big is that sausage? I’m adding up the protein and that must be bigger than your standard hot dog sized chicken sausage (they usually have 12-17g protein at trader joes)

  2. I’m starting the path of losing 100 pounds and these help a lot!Thanks for doing these, I have a busy life and this helps out quite a bit. I just downloaded your app. Keep up the good work!

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