73. How to cook an entire Christmas roast turkey dinner – on a narrowboat

It’s Christmas time and there’s nothing finer than a slap up roast for lunch. Unfortunately I can’t cook but pal Expert Gary from Yelvertoft marina is a dab hand in the kitchen. He, his wife Carol, plus boating friends Myra and Adrian came over to my boat and cooked up the full works in a cramped galley. This is how they did it.

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  1. From Malibu, California. GREAT JOB DAVID AND FRIENDS!!! That was superb. I have family in Nottingham and Tring (ENGLISH) and my grandfather was Born in Nottingham but, departed for USA (Boston) to be a Pro Boxer (won but, lost more) and then a Commercial Fisherman in Boston USA (Hull Bay where he died at age 43 while fishing. Drowned in a storm). Anyway, I enjoy the video’s as I never my English Ancestry and coincidentally European wife’s brother married an English girl from Sheffield in the 1970’s. I use my wife’s family name vs my own for security reasons but, I am of English Ancestry and have a very typical English name. Going back centuries right out of the Bible where my mother got it. Anyway, thanks for the CHRISTMAS CHEER AND VIDEO OF TYPICAL ENGLISH COOKING. I laughed when I heard ‘Pigs in the Blanket’ as my brother in laws family in Tring use to say that a lot. They really enjoyed Pork. Potatoes. Carrots. Duck. Chicken. Fish & chips. Vegies. Now I know why I like ‘Meat and Potatoes’ so much. It is in the blood….I wish OI could use my real name but, having been in US Army, Military Intelligence and knowing the HATERS worldwide, well, that’d be stupid. So I won’t. Cheerio David. Merry Christmas. Are you doing the same thing THIS YEAR 2017? Same people? Same Chef/Friends? Make a video….would love to see it. Cheers

  2. Tip with using a a steamer, I cant stand sprouts so I put them on the top tier of the steamer so they dont taint the rest of the veg with the taste of sprouts. Yuk. Just a tip if your cooking in one go and someone dont like sprouts. Dont want anything tasting of sprouts as they are quite strong.

  3. Absolutely wonderful. I thoroughly enjoyed that video. It also gave me a whole bunch of good recipes. I commend you all. One quick question: eating all that wonderful food, how do you stay so thin? thank you so much. Lee

  4. What a great channel this is. This video in particular is simply wonderful. Only three petty criticisms. 1- No huge Christmas tree (il let you off as space is tight), 2- You wasnt moving along the canal while cooking (that wouldve been awesome) 3- It wasnt snowing outside (not your fault). Still loved it though. Cheers.

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