7 Easy Dinner Ideas for the Family | What’s for Dinner mom?

whats for Dinner mom? well i have 7 Easy Dinners the whole family will love!

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Thanks so much for Watching!! We are a family of 4- Theresa (me), Jason (My husband), Alison (my 11 year old daughter) and Sophia (my 7 year old daughter). We love to travel, pack lunches, show what we eat for dinner and just have family fun days. So join us in the fun!!


  1. Hi Teresa! I know you do a lot of frozen leftovers (as seen in Jason’s lunch videos) so I had a question. I’m not really into breakfast casseroles, but I do love eggs. I just don’t love the idea of actually cooking them before I have to go to work (I’m not a morning person lol, and don’t function well before 11am). But I was wondering if I could scramble up a bunch of eggs then freeze them in tiny individual containers that I could just grab in the mornings and nuke at my work. I wasn’t sure how well that plain eggs on their own would hold up in the freezer. I’ve tried looking online but I’ve not really found anything to answer my question. Thanks 😁

  2. I have tried oven bacon several different times, but it’s never turned out good for me. I’ve tried preheating the oven first and then putting the bacon in. I’ve tried putting the bacon in first and then turning the oven on. I’ve put my bacon on parchment paper, on a wire rack on the cookie sheet, just on the cookie sheet with nothing under it. But it seems not matter how I make it, it still comes out “not good” lol. It’s either limp, soggy, and rubbery or black as coal lol. I’ve never ever gotten it to cook perfectly. So I just continue to do it the old fashioned way – on the stove – lol 😁

  3. great video as always 🙂 Your food looks so good. Have you ever tried making homemade pierogi? They are amazing. My mom was polish and always made them for Easter.

  4. Those Hawaiian burgess looked so good. I love Hawaiian anything. Also I always see perogies in your videos and want them but never remember to get them 😂 I love them

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