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In today’s video, I am sharing with you 7 Quick, Easy and Healthy Breakfast Ideas for Weight Loss. I chose to include 7 breakfast ideas so you can have one every morning of the week. These are breakfast ideas that helped me lose 20kgs!

I really hope you enjoy watching. If you do, definitely try out some of the recipes and let me know how you go!

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  1. This is sweet,it makes you want more off sweets!rice cakes yes,corn no it is from the USA changed in there Jeans!Dont you have some things you can cook in Reismilk??We have Oatmeal Bliss Balls in Germany,use 2teespoons of Chocklat Powder great it in a Machine with Oatmeal ad some dried Grapes and some Coconut dried!!Put it in a bowl and ad some Table spoon warm Coconat Oil!!Done,now Form it in to small size balls!!Then put an a plaid some mor Choklatpowder and drye Coconat,Roll the balls in them,delisches!!

  2. wow super like thank u hanna for sharing this video its realy help to those 😊to us in our weightloss jorney..im 5/4 and 67kg ..my goal is to be 58 kg probably hihihi bfore Christmas.i hope i can😊😊

  3. Hey hana! Wanted to ask you one thing.. if we’re on our journey to lose weight and change our lifestyle… could we continue to drink coffee? I mean the coffee which i like ( coffee powder + milk + sugar )… will affect the way on losing weight? #HanaRamadan

  4. i love this video! I was getting so sick of my peanut butter toast and oats i”m going to try something new now yaaay. thanks hana ^_^ keep your recipe videos coming (for lunch, snacks, dinner) i love watching those

  5. You have really good ideas💪 I watch your videos probaply every day because you give me so much motivation.💗 after your weight loss did you have to buy new clothes amd did that cost lot to you? 👀

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