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In Today’s video I will be showing you 6 easy , quick and healthy breakfast recipes. These recipes will not take more than 10 minutes of your time if you have done meal planning and pre-preparation.
I will also be giving you tips for meal preparation throughout the video.
The recipes shown are: Vegan Oats Pancakes, Mix Vegetable Paratha ( Indian Bread), Green Smoothie, Tofu grilled sandwich and Vegetable fried rice.
All the recipes are healthy and easy. They are great for kids lunchbox, working people lunch box or for bachelors.
Hope you like it.

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  1. Very good easy recipes , Thank You..your sunflower seeds looked like pista are they halfs . I have bought unsalted they go bad very easily.We have never tried on pancakes i will do that now. do you roast them too

  2. Hi Anu, made veg paratha last night,ur recipe, it was a hit👌👌👌
    My kids liked it so much that my Elder one asked for same in his tiffin. All credit goes to u…. Thanks a lot dear, u make so much effort, and make our life easy…. Lots of love…

  3. i have a doubt mam.. the sandwiches that is prepared in the morning becomes soggy in the afternoon for children in lunch box.. how it can be avoided.. thanks..

  4. Mam, i am regularly visiting your channel.. it is really amazing.. i have ever seen such nutritious recipes before.. u r such a sincere and creative mom.. i have adopted most of yr cleaning routines and more of your sandwiches recipes.. my children liked it a lot.. can u pls suggest a good sandwich toaster for usage in india.. continue yr good job.. thank you..

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