6 Easy Vegan Sauce Recipes

Today I am showing you 6 easy vegan sauce recipes! These sauces are perfect for stir fry, noodles, or even used as a dip for spring rolls, vegan chicken, etc. Enjoy!

RECIPES: https://itslivb.com/2018/01/20/6-sauces/

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  1. I’m so grateful your channel exist! I’ve been trying to be vegan for two years now but I always seem to fail but I decided to try again and really stick to it and your videos have helped me transition well. Super easy and tasty recipes with extremely well edited videos? Perfect. You’re awesome, Liv.

  2. I will be trying them all In the next couple weeks. Thank you so much. Food will taste much better with these good sounding sauces!! Looking forward to your other videos on dips/spreads etc.

  3. Made the sweet and sour sauce yesterday and omg it was better than any sweet and sour sauce I’ve ever had in a restaurant!! So yes please to more sauce videos! One on salad dressings would also be amazing

  4. Yes yes 100 times yes! My boyfriend is such a sauce man and he wanted to try the vegan lifestyle but he didn’t want to sacrifice his sauces, thank you so much !!

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