5 Types of People on Christmas Day | Brooklyn and Bailey

There are many types of people whose views on Christmas are vastly different from each other! You know the ones we’re talking about! In fact, many of these holiday personalities may actually exist in your family!

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Today we have a special funny and humorous gift for you! We’re going to show you the 5 most common types of people on Christmas Eve! We have the Christmas Crazy person, the one who oozes holiday happiness with every ounce of their being! This person loves all things Christmas and wants you to feel the exact same way!

Next we have the Christmas Scrooge, the person who dislikes all things about the holidays and just wants to be left alone. They also despise all the visitors who come to drop off Christmas treats and sing Christmas carols!

Then there is the present obsessed person, who spends all year talking about what they want for Christmas, and even tries to find all the gift hiding places because they can’t wait for Xmas morning! Its all about the gifts and presents for this one!

Then we have the Santa Hunter, who is determined to stay up all night trying to catch a glimpse of Old Saint Nick in action! They even add gadgets each year to increase their chances of seeing Santa!

Then we had the Christmas Granny, who lives in her Christmas crocheted sweaters all year, prepping and practicing all year to bake the most delicious goodies for the holidays!

Everyone, from boys and girls, to fathers and mothers, teens, friends, and family can all relate to at least a few of these characters!

Hope you enjoyed this “5 Types of People on Christmas Eve” video, because we had a blast filming it for you with our friends! Comment below with which of these Christmas characters best represents you, and let us know if you entered our free giveaway (link in top of description box)!

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from our family to yours!

❤️’s -Brooklyn

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