5 Tips To Help Make Meal Prep Easy

Learn 5 simple tips to help make your meal prep easier so you can be on your way to eating well and feeling great!
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  1. 🤗💞Thank you very much, exactly how I have been learning myself over the last 6 months. So very important, healthy and I make better food choices. 💞🤣 Charmaine

  2. I wish I have lady like you in My family.
    Like a sister, aunt or may be Mom. I wish My Mom could be like you when it comes to food. Your kids are so worthy of a Mom like you.

  3. “don’t use anything that feels hard as a reason to stop, use it as a reason to learn”
    Well said 👍
    That’s actually an excellent advice for life in general!

  4. Thanks for the tips Dani, I really needed to see this video. I work in a company that has a really great cafeteria. While the food is tasty, it’s not always the healthiest. I’ve been bringing my lunch to work with me instead recently but I had been making each meal the night before. It’s not the most practical solution so i’m hoping to give meal prepping a go this week and save some time midweek . Thanks for the great tips as always!

  5. As someone that meal preps every week, your tips are dead on. Making sure the kitchen is clean is a HUGE one for me. It’s one of those little steps that help set me up for success.

  6. Love, love, love all your tips! I have been trying to get going on meal prep and just fail and get discouraged. So thankful for your channel💕 Happy Easter!

  7. Great ideas! I agree with some comments. I can’t possibly do it all in a day! You’re a rock star for getting that all done at once! If I’m on point I plan meals Thursday, clean out the fridge Friday, shop Saturday and meal prep Sunday! It uses less brain power for me! Great job!

  8. Hi Dani! Great video. This is a topic that I find most people struggle with when trying to keep a goal of eating healthier. Personally, I’ve meal planned for as long as I can remember (can’t imagine deciding what I’m going to cook for the next week while in the grocery store), but I never actually meal prepped until I did “Body for Life” years ago. Since my family was not eating what I was eating at that time, it became imperative to meal prep for myself and for their meals. While my life has drastically changed since then, I still can’t imagine going through life without meal planning and prepping. Thanks for all that you do!

  9. Everyone always touts this type of shopping, but it simply DOESN’T work for me. I find that it works much better for me to go to the store knowing that I need to purchase ingredients for X# of meals, but without having hard plans for what those meals will be. I will then shop the sales, specials, and closeouts as inspiration for the exact components of those meals. I usually end up spending 20%-50% less than I would with a set in stone shopping list. Since I am usually on quite a tight budget, I can’t afford to splurge or buy extraneous items, instead I am focused on getting the most nutrition, and largest number of meals for the least money. Yes shopping like this takes more time and effort, but for me money is at more of a premium than time is.

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