5 Low Fat Cooking Recipes : Italian Sausage Pasta Recipe

Watch an expert chef prepare a healthy Italian sausage pasta recipe in this free video clip series about low fat cooking.

Expert: Linda Leon
Bio: Linda Leon was a professional cake decorator for a number of years. She learned the trade from her mother and later attended cake decorating school to further develop the skill.
Filmmaker: Linda Leon


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  2. I think the sausage was turkey sausage and the “drippings” looked watery so perhaps she boiled the sausages in a shallow pan of water. She did say she was using Whole Wheat pasta. The packaged sauce mix is full of salt so I would use my own spices. I would add a small can of tomatoes and then top with low fat Mozzarella and bake until the cheese melted. So give the lady a break. Compared to the way many people eat, this IS low fat! lol

  3. OMG is she JOKING?? all that oil…. full fat sausages…. AND a plate FULL of pasta (so many calories).. she could have grilled the sausages and fried the peppers without oil!!!!!!!! what a joke

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