5 Holiday DIY Projects! Decorations, Treats & more

Happy Holidays babes! I hope you enjoy this video. I had so much fun filming and editing it. If you re create any of these projects, send me pictures using the hash tag #HOLIDAYWITHBETH LooooooveE YOU 🙂


Thanks to Pentatonix for making my favorite Holiday album this year!
Here’s the link to listen to the music from this video 🙂


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Psssst… if you see this, leave a comment below saying
“we are one big happy gingerbread family” hehe 🙂


  1. I thought that said Heather Gingerbread Cookies!! Lol…
    Apparently I CAN’T READ!! Lol
    Jk I love reading!! #PotterHead4Life #ALWAYS #Ravenclaw💙💙🦅🦅💙💙🦅🦅 #BookNerd

  2. I used to watch Brianna Renee but I hated her, she was so girly, I only watched her videos because her diys were cool. But now i’ve Found you! So yay! I subscribed, video was great.

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