5 Foods Should Avoid At Breakfast

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According to the Balanced Nutrition Guidelines issued by Ministry of

Health, breakfast is a meal and drinking activity between the morning

wake up to nine hours for Meet some of the daily nutritional needs (15-

30% of nutritional needs) in order to realize a healthy, active, and

productive life.
A glass of fruit juice without any other food A glass of fruit juice at

breakfast is certainly refreshing, but consuming a glass of fruit juice

alone can not be said breakfast.
Rice uduk, vermicelli, and fried foods It is a famous breakfast menu in

Indonesia, or you may also be consuming.
Moreover, if you consume is a commercial fruit juice in packs that have

added sugar, dyes, Preservatives, and other food additives.
Juice that looks healthy like cold-pressed vegetable juice is not

Forever healthy if used as your only source of food at breakfast.
A good breakfast consists of food sources of carbohydrates, side dishes,

vegetables, fruits, and drinks.
If you only eat processed meats for breakfast, then you are likely to

experience Obesity and obesity will also increase because usually

processed meat contains a lot of saturated fat.

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