5 Easy Meal Prep Recipes – all 28 Day Reset approved!

I know eating healthy can get expensive, time consuming and boring…so I am here to show you how to effectively MEAL PREP for the week! Today you will learn 5 recipes that all share one common protein – ground turkey! Get all the recipes: http://www.blogilates.com/blog/2017/03/22/how-to-meal-prep-28-day-reset-style/

1. Turkey & Green Beans
2. Asian Lettuce Wraps
3. Turkey & Eggs
4. Zoodles Spaghetti
5. Stuffed Sweet Potato

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  1. Can anyone tell me roughly what volume (cups) of cooked turkey goes into each serve?
    I know its 3-4 oz, but want a cheat/easy way to divide it up for individual meals when I make a large batch in one go (and don’t have a set of scales handy).

  2. Can you eat zoodles raw? The only recipes I’ve ever seen for them seemed to cook them until they were dead, always found them disgusting. Maybe this is why?

  3. Guys and @Cassey – I just ate five full sized chocolate bars. I’m serious. What do I do? I broke the 28 day reset so so so badly 😥😥😥. Help!!!

  4. My nutrition requirements needed carbs so all i did was added beans and rice to some of these recipes 😀 I thought the simplicity will make it taste bland but it didn’t! It’s so easy and convenient for me who just started meal-prepping and cooking with macros and calories in consideration. Thanks cassie!

  5. I am allergic to peanuts can I still make the lettuce wrap without the peanut butter????!
    Edit:also why does she even look elegant when she eats?? How does she do it?? Wait…is she a goddess????!?!?

  6. I love that you made this video Cassey!! 🙂 But do you think you could make a video showcasing some healthy vegan options?

  7. if youre vegan substitute the non-vegan things with the vegan alternatives, theres tons on the market. if you want carbs add pastas and rices. she said this isnt for a diet this is just to try healthier foods. this also isnt all youd eat for a week or two, this is things to try. stop complaining and actually take a moment to think about how shes not making it for YOU shes making it for anyone who wants to eat it

  8. Can anyone plzzz tell me which song plays in the beginning. I am dying to know! It also plays at the end of the body toning bootcamp series!!! LET ME KNOWWW <3 <3

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