Rawvana shows you a vegan meal prep for $5 a day! If this video gets to 3,000 likes we will do another challenge to eat vegan for $3 or $1 a day!

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  1. Thank you for the common sense in meal preparations! I really appreciate the visual and showing how to put things together I’m a student and a nurse going to school so this really really helps thank you, thank you, thank you!

  2. I have a question do you add the milk to all of the overnight oats or do you add the milk again on for example Wednesday for the leftover jars for the rest of the week ?

  3. microwave your every meal? Id rather not meal prep meals if it means microwaving and storing in Tupperware for a full week. I’d prep all veggies and fruit ahead and cook but not Tupperware each meal

  4. Vegan eating can be expensive if you purchase a lot of processed foods, like vegan burgers and stuff like that. I find there are some staple it’s like maple syrup, hemp seeds, nuts and seeds that I like to buy. They last a while so it’s like a once a month purchase and then everything else is reasonably priced! Buying what is in season is important too! If a fruit seems unusually expensive it means it is not in season, so keep that in mind!

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