4 Quick and easy dessert treats Christmas recipes that will impress your guests


There are so many Christmas dessert recipes out there, that it can become overwhelming to choose one or two. It’s the holidays when friends and family come together, and of course, you want to impress, but what is the right choice and how do you please everyone? Here are four easy to make Christmas treats that might impress your quests (Santa included).

The Christmas fudge requires no baking which is a great recipe if you need to whip up something yummy at the last minute…I mean, who doesn’t like fudge? Add some Christmas colored sprinkles, and you are sure to impress.

The Christmas Tree KitKat bar might not be something you will serve all your guests, but why not have the little once make a special KitKat Christmas tree for Santa. Add some milk, and I am sure Santa will surprise them with some special gifts!

Now, who does not know how to mix a sachet of jelly with some hot water? For those fussy eaters, jelly is something you must have in the fridge in case. But its Christmas, so it is time to jazz it up a bit….try this jelly serving trick and no one will be able to tell you your jellow is dull!

How about those Christmas cookies…..there are sooooooo many yummy Christmas cookie recipes to choose from, but if you want to keep things healthy, cooked carrots are always nutritious. This carrot cookie recipe is not that difficult to make, and the results taste awesome!

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Happy Holiday!

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