Hey guys! Here are 4 DELICIOUS, HEALTHY, AND VEGAN SALAD ideas!

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  1. For anyone who has never liked broccoli – you will LOVE it if you do this: In a big bowl toss broccoli w/a little olive oil, coconut aminos/coconut aminos teriyaki (OMG, so delish!) a little sea salt, then dehydrate. Because you’re not steaming all of the flavor out, you get all the taste (its sweet!), all the nutrients & enzymes. You can top w/cashew cheese – yum!
    I have served this to broccoli haters/turn dehydrated broccoli lovers 😉 Rawvana, my mouth is watering from these recipes – thank you SO much!! I’m making the cauliflower dish this weekend!

  2. I can’t wait to try the garbanzo salad… it looks amazing!!
    I don’t like tahini… I’m fine with sesame seeds, but I’ve tried tahini multiple times and I just don’t like. Do you have a substitute you can recommend?

  3. For this, I like Fully Raw Kristina a “lot” better, since she NEVER uses salt, and I never use salt either! I think, and have learnt, that , there’s ENOUGH salt in the vegetables, already, that , using Salts are “overbodig”!!!

  4. Weird question:

    Do you think eating raw vegan is better for your teeth/dental health and do you do you use any special kind of toothpaste? A lot of the refined, sugary, and fiber deficient aspects of the modern diet is why humans have to brush their teeth regularly, as opposed to all other animals who have healthy teeth without high chemical tooth pastes.

  5. What was the ingredient called at 3:40? Yellow Chilo something. I’m going grocery shopping later this evening. And, Thanks for always making awesome recipe video’s for us to try. ^^

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