3 Quick & Healthy POST Holiday Meals

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Hello Friends!

Eating to your heart’s (and belly’s) content is nothing to be ashamed of, especially during the Holidays! Now that you have fully enjoyed indulging in holiday hams, desserts and carbs galore, it’s about time to get our bodies back on track so we can ring in 2016 feeling great about ourselves!

I have came up with 3 quick, easy and cheap meals that are perfect for a breakfast, lunch and dinner! These are all recipes that my family and I make all the time, and we really enjoy them so we are happy to share them with all of our friends (YOU!).

Please tag me in any photos you post if you end up making these , (#ChristineDiAmore @ChristineDiAmore), or you can snapchat me at CMarie696

Thanks all! Love you tons 🙂

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  1. The lunch and dinner looks amazing girl!! Thanks for sharing I am always looking for healthy recipes!!
    I tried the avocado and egg a few months ago and my stomach could not handle it lol.

  2. Everything looks so yummy! But I would just have the avocado on bread…I don’t like eggs. I’m going to look for that Trader Joe sauce. I love Trader Joe’s! So many great things there!

  3. Some one else would have trouble getting the other half of avocado from me! lol. Everything looks so good. I need to make it by Trader Joe’s. I know we have one in Baton Rouge.

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