3 Healthy Sandwich Recipes For Weight Loss | Healthy Breakfast Ideas in Hindi | Fat to Fab

3 Healthy Sandwich Recipes For Weight Loss | Healthy Breakfast Ideas in Hindi | Fat to Fab

Hey guys!!

3 Healthy Sandwich Recipes For Weight Loss | Healthy Breakfast Ideas in Hindi | Fat to Fab

1. Egg sandwich:-
2. Brinjal sandwich
3. Fruits sandwich

always use multigrain bread in sandwich and if you don’t have multigrain bread than always use brown bread.

No mayonnaise, no sauces.

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  1. Sorry,madam,but all of your recipies are not for fat loss,i have also lost my weight by some diet,10 kg in 1 month,first of all,we have to use very low salt,once in a day, second is that we don’t have to use even a lil bit of oil,we have to avoid bad carbs,and consume lil bit of good carbs,if we would add these 3 sandwich in our diet,it will slow down our progress,it is my advice to not to consume this type of food daily,if you want to loose weight fast,if don’t then you can go on with all this,and madam,u should remove the title of video,this is not for fat loss, don’t guide wrong to the people,it is about someone’s health,people loose interest when they see no results,so this wrong guides are failing our indian people in their task.THANK YOU

  2. you have told not to eat salt after 3 pm but you have added much salt in the sandwiches also in one video you have sujested to eat one sandwich n dinner then why salt us added

  3. Hii mam please meri help karo aapki dait follow kar rahi hoon kuch nahi ho rha 12bhe ke bad salt nhi khati jaise ap butaye ho vaise hi dait kr rhi hu fir bhi weight kam nhi ho rha maine PCOD thyroid chek karvai sab normal hai

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