3 Healthy Breakfast Smoothies // Toddler, Kids & Adults Recipe // Yogurt Drinks Recipes

Healthy Breakfast Smoothie Recipes for Toddler Kids & Adults. Yogurt Drinks Recipe. Yummy & Tasty Shakes. Lassi লাচ্ছি Drink Bangla

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Toddler & kids will love this fresh & fruity healthy smoothie recipes! this shakes are super delicious, yummy & tasty to enjoy, anytime of the day and best part is, you can adjust all the ingredients according to your taste…

3 Healthy Fruit Smoothies

Strawberry Banana Smoothie
Fresh strawberries
Ripe banana
Greek yogurt
Whole milk
Sweeteners of your choice(optional)

Mango Orange Smoothie
Ripe mango
Ripe banana
Greek yogurt
Orange juice
Sweeteners of your choice(optional)

Avocado Dates Smoothie
Pitted dates
Greek yogurt
Whole milk
Sweeteners of your choice(optional)

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