3 Fat Loss Breakfast Recipes

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0:38 The 3 MUST HAVES of a Lean Breakfast
0:59 Is Dairy OK????
1:21 Biochemical Individuality & Dairy
1:38 Greek Yogurt Parfait Recipe
1:55 Regular Granola vs. Brenda’s Lean Granola
2:00 A Word about Oatmeal and Prolamines
2:18 Raw Buckwheat Groats (buckwheats are NOT related to wheat..not even the same ballpark. Two totally different things)
3:48 Protein Shake with some lean twists
4:46 Chia Seeds, and why you should use them
6:15 Breakfast Burrito (and rethinking eggs)
7:00 A brief word on nutritional yeast (which actually has protein & fiber also)
7:40 Spices for a superior egg burrito


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