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3 Easy and Delicious Raw Vegan Recipes to Eat More Greens in Your Diet. Discover these delicious, quick, and fun raw vegan recipes to share and enjoy! Sign-up for our Challenge: http://challenge.fullyraw.com. When you sign-up, you will get my NEW 60 page ebook, 21-days of meal plans, 60+ recipes, shopping lists, and so much more by joining at http://challenge.fullyraw.com. In addition, you will also received access to our private Facebook group, coaching sessions, and webinars! Hope to see you there!

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  1. Hola, pregunta recomendas licuadora o se puede usar el extractor de jugo para apio manzanas pepino y luego lo mezclas en la licuadora con mango banano… esta bien así?

  2. You really should research vegetation before you consume it and tell other people to eat it. Collard greens are loaded with potentially toxic oxalic acid. People with heart problems, gout, and kidney problems should NOT consume foods high in oxalic acid and certainly not raw collards; eating raw collard greens is just begging for trouble.

    If you’re going to post videos like this YOU have a responsibility to make your viewers aware of any consequences they could suffer from eating what you suggest. You did the same thing in previous videos when you told people to make raw cashews but you neglected to soak them to remove the anti-nutrients (of course someone else had to bring that to your attention as well).

    Collards should be cooked, the water drained, cooked again, and then drained again, if you’re going to eat them, to remove as much of that oxalic acid as possible. Spinach has it too but collards are high in it. So please be sure and do your homework on your food suggestions before you haphazardly suggest something to people to eat. (This is a re-post minus the negative comment chatter that tainted the other reply.)

  3. Hey! Can you do a video on how to gain weight as a vegan. I want to become vegan but I can’t afford to lose weight. I try to eat 2,000 calories a day but I just can’t seem to gain much even on a vegetarian diet 🙁

  4. So happy for your mom. I love her style, very , very nice. Great tips for introducing more greens in everyday eating routine. Wish you both health& happiness!

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