3 Amazing Christmas Cake Recipes Compilation 2017 (32017)

Hi guys, i compiled 3 of my favorite delicious Christmas Cakes that are simple to do and perfect as SHOW Stopper for Holiday Christmas Party! haha.. (1) Christmas Tree Cake! (2)Christmas Present Cake! (3) Christmas Tree Land Carrot Cake!

Happy Christmas!! soso excited for this festive season every year! haha.. Ready for Baking!oh YUM YUM! 🙂 Enjoy, and make sure to share pictures of your treats on Facebook with me.

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♦Video Links:
(a) Christmas Desserts Playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL-z50Pxpx9Q1IC2VHc-BWTa4CWypcaRDf

(1) Christmas Tree Cake: https://youtu.be/QYWO3GcybVY

(2) Christmas Present Cake: https://youtu.be/jGiaOcEW0MI

(3) Moist Carrot Cake: https://youtu.be/P9FkqdjBHp4

(3) Christmas Tree Land Cake : https://youtu.be/lcOhpLWR3J4

Artist: Nicolai Heidlas

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