3 Aloo Snacks Recipes | Potato cutlet, French Fries, Aloo Pakoda Recipes | Snacks Recipe in Hindi

Three Indian snacks recipes made from aloo (potato). These kids and Party snacks recipes are super favorites. Check out this video for Cutlet Recipe, French Fries Recipe and Aloo Pakoda Recipe.
Homemade potato snacks are very easy to do at home. Aloo pakora , potato wedges and aloo kurkure are three easy snacks good for kids lunch box and tiffin box.
watch step by step instruction video of simple snacks to make at home. these snacks for kids are super easy. Potato or aloo is a very versatile vegetable. Aloo can be used in making breakfast, snacks, sweets and main course. Here I am posting video of quick aloo recipes in hindi
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  1. alu ke french fries hey ful jhadi alu ke vade hain jamin chakri alu ke samose hai aatishbaji aur shilpi ka jayka har ghar mein fehrata bhanti bhanti.shilpi is ruchira …naye zamane ke taste ka magic

  2. potato is a versatile vegetable n….number of infinite recipes can be made right from french fries parathas alu roti chips wafers bhajiya pakoras pav bhaji burger patty vadas ….ur channel has shown yummy variants of potatoes right from shaadi wale alu ki sabji to french fries pakoras shilpis potato delicacy and vocal quality in the videos is unbeatable ..all ur videos showcase deemed cooking can be learnt n practosed by layman

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