10 Italian recipes you will never eat in Italy!

When it comes to food, Italians are certainly a little bit obsessed but this obsession comes from the fact we believe our food is the best in the world (have you ever taste a real, Italian mozzarella?).

Most of the time, what non Italians think of as “classic Italian” is not actually from Italy at all and this is a list of the most common mistakes about Italian food. These are actually not mistakes but false beliefs about Italian recipes.

So, have fun watching this video and discover all the truth about what people consider Italian and it’s actually not.

Remember: HAVE FUN 😉

Don’t hate me, my friends, I’m a good person overall 😉

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  1. nice video i agree whit everythhing exept for the spaghetti whit meatball. Meatball in italy comes in all size and taste (whit the sauce, whit pasta, whit a broth or just by itself, or fried) taste meatball it’s deffenley a delicious italian recipe 😉 the other dishes didn’t exist in here.

  2. Italians are obsessed with their food, not only we BELIEVE our food is the best in the world…IT IS DEFINITLEY THE BEST IN THE WORLD. I tried all kinds of food around the world, but none as good as Italian food. Anyway…nice video!

  3. Finally, someone had the patience to put together an excellent video to spread the truth about some very erroneous conceptions about what is Italian food. Grazie!

  4. Unfortunately many Italians, particularly those in Sicily, are so stuck on their own food and country that they become close-minded. I know many ITalians, mostly in Sicly, and these people do not even visit other countries, yet they tell people how their food or people are. my friend in Sicily actuially said these words to me; “Why should i visit another country; there are the best places in Italy.” How sad and pathetic is that?
    I am a European, and the American pizza is 1000x more tasty than Italian pizza. Yes, live with that fact Italy. I just don´t get how a person or many people in one country can be so short-sighted about their own country and their own foods.
    I love Italian food, but I laso love Chinese food, american foods, polish foods, german foods, etc because they all have many foods that are all equally the same in taste and quality. To say our food is better than their food is just ignorant.
    I visited New York and although they serve Italian-American foods, they have some of the best; veal parmesan is better than any food I ever ate in Italy, and I have been to Italy dozens of times.
    Hey Italians; Open your minds and visit other countries, try their foods and meet their people and then maybe you will understand why many people make fun of you 😉

  5. veramente io gli spaghetti con le polpette li mangio da quando ero piccolo! è un piatto tipicamente del sud esportato negli stati uniti.. mia nonna me li preparava sempre.. mi dispiace contraddire il video ma è cosi.. sorry guys

  6. Interesting video, thank you. Personally, I think it’s tradition vs. innovation. It’s the same with ‘Chinese food’ we eat in the West. The Chinese eat different food.
    Ok, some innovative dishes are not as good as the traditional. But maybe some are better!
    And we must also respect people’s tastes if they want chicken or meatballs with pasta, even if for us it’s ridiculous.
    What I don’t like is when some Italians say no one can do coffee as good as Italians. But, as I said, not all Italians. And you find racists in all countries.
    The funny (or maybe tragic) thing is that the coffee is made by the _machine_ both in Italy and in Zimbabwe or Afghanistan…
    Thank you.

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