1 HOLIDAY GIFT IDEAS | DIY Christmas Gift Collab

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OTHER LADIES PARTICIPATING: *Thank you, Annie for including me in this collab! How fun!*

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How Jen Does It https://www.youtube.com/user/HowJenDoesIt
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My So Called Home https://www.youtube.com/user/mysocalledhome
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  2. Dollar Store usually sells little Ziploc Christmas decorated baggies in the seasonal section Purrfect for joining the cinnamon sticks, so it can look a little bit more festive.

  3. I grew up with my mum making the Christmas aroma recipe for many, many years. I do it every year and now my kids are all grown up……. The tradition has stuck, they do it too!! Smells divine!!

  4. I made the Christmas Aroma for my Mother in Law last year and I found it a month later in her pantry while helping making Sunday Supper.  The instructions I used were from Pinterest and had you put the ingredients in a mason jar with the original amnt of water you were supposed to start with.  Even though I told her she would have to use it soon, she  didn’t and it had started to ferment, the lid of the jar was bulging!  I had to throw it out.  Make sure that you add that to the instructions on the printable, as I only TOLD her and apparently she forgot about it.  It is a great idea and does make a wonderful aroma!!

  5. When does the dollar store start carrying their christmas stuff? Could I start looking now or should I wait till december (we don’t go often, so It would be a special trip…

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